BWAFgaming are a friendly community of gamers from all over the world. Starting as a small group on console, then moving 1st to DayZ on PC we grew with our servers into a large community. Hosting in game events and meeting up at gaming conventions, as well as sharing many funny and memorable times online. We welcome people to join us on our various social media pages and our Discord and game servers. Get involved in the discussion, share all your gaming content, meet up with other players and most of all have fun. You can find all our latest news, social media and Discord links, server info and more below.

DayZ Server

BWAF have made our return to DayZ server hosting. We are really happy to be back, and excited to bring you all some of the best DayZ experiences possible. DayZ 0.63 finally hit beta and was moved to the stable branch, bringing with it a huge amount of changes to the game, including Base Building. The game runs so smooth now as does our server, and we have made some great changes including zombie hordes, southern spawns added, adjusted loot and stamina sytem plus much more. Checkout the servers section below for more info.

Scum Server

We are happy to announce our new Scum server is open and available for everyone to join. BWAF are excited for the future of this game and look forward to seeing it progress. Currently the server settings are 6hrs restart, 24/7 Daylight, 1/2 Mech Damage and 2x loot. The amount of zombies has been slightly increased too, but these settings may change with updates and development. Look forward to seeing you on the server and growing it with us, all the info you need can be found below.

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